Online center in defense of the amazon

Casa NINJA Amazônia

After the successful experience in Bahia and Lisbon, Mídia NINJA announces its new project, the Casa NINJA Amazônia, the Amazon NINJA House. A digital center that will mobilize hundreds of collaborators for an online network of permanent support of the Amazon, in addition to promoting a continuous program of roundtables of conversations, workshops, meetings and campaigns focused on agendas to combat environmental setbacks, as well as to tell the power and stories of the deep Amazon.
From reiki to hacker, from indigenous peoples to urban artists; from big cities to deep Brazil to global capitals, the intention of the new Mídia NINJA project is to connect diverse Intelligences and provoke exchanges of experiences, knowledge and distinct social technologies.




We are a free communication network that seeks new ways of producing and distributing information based on new technologies and a collaborative logic of work.
We understand democratic communication as a human right and we defend the public interest, cultural diversity and the right to information, spotlighting communication agendas, identity causes, culture, environment, youth and others that dialogue with the challenges of the 21st century.



Mídia NINJA was founded in 2013 and gained notoriety during the demonstrations of June this year that gathered millions of people in the streets of Brazil. Midia NINJA covered and live streamed from inside the protests, with multiple points of view that were invisible to the press and traditional coverages.

In 2016 Midia NINJA was one of the main initiatives of resistance in the struggle for democracy in the middle of a political chaos. Today, engages more than 2 million supporters and around 500 people directly involved with the Collective Houses through Brazil. 

NINJA Ambiental Network

Articulating thematic networks from its collaborators, Mídia NINJA launched the network of socio-environmental activism that produces content, launches campaigns, promotes debates, mobilizes and organizes resistance struggles and builds narratives on environmental agendas, climate, indigenous peoples, water, territory, food and sustainability for another more collective, inclusive, just, supportive and egalitarian society.